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Edwin Bonilla
He was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. Professional musician of great trajectory. Guitarist, Singer and National Composer. Graduate of the Law Degree.From an early age, I have ventures into the world of music, both at school and school festivals; managing to win 26 festivals at the school and college level.Participate in the 1st French Song Festival Carried aa cavo by the French Embassy  "Concours l'Air Du Temps" with the song: "On T'A Revue en Ville" of the French singer: Eric Chardem in the year 1986 He has been founder and director of different cultural groups, between dances, choirs and experimental groups in his College, besides being the Trumpeter and director of the same band. Make your university studies at the School of Musical Arts of the University of Costa Rica where I integrate the Lyric Choir and in the UACA law school where he gets his baccalaureate in law school and later it leaves the same It manages to win Twice the Original University Music Festival at the University of Costa Rica, with two of its topics.
He has been winner 3 times of the Festival National Music Golden Grain, With his compositions: "Crystal World" 1987 "Current Society" 1989 "Social Class" 1990 He has also been a collaborator and assistant of the Municipality of San José, as a member of the Golden Grain Festival, as well as singer in several rounds of the contest:  "TICA LINDA" Winner of the First Place of the National Festival of Creativity of the Ministry of Public Education with his Experimental Group PAHU BRARIE (Pablo Presbere) with the denominated Cantata "Talamanca forgotten village" From the Author and Composer Fernando Vinda, Arrangements and Assembly of Edwin Bonilla Professor of music,For the Ministry of Public Education, Collaborator of the Festivals of Creativity Organized by the MEP and jury In various cultural events of the same. Invited by the Ministry of Public Education, in various cultural, governmental and ceremonial events.As well as for the Technical advice in the matter of Music in the development of the Planning of the Festival of Creativity. But it is the year of 1985 when he ventures publicly as a singer, guitarist and main composer. From the National Group OPUS 4 After 13 years with the national group OPUS 4 Also I am part of the groups as a singer: 
* LA PANDILLA Project. 
Participated as an extra in the Costa Rican Film "Eulalia".He has 3 record productions, two of a "Popular" character and another of "Original" character, named:"OPUS 4 PRESENTS EDWIN BOLNILLA" "POPULARISISMO" AND "UN BOHEMIO" This last one of "Original" cut. All with arrangements by Leonel Obando and one of them by Jean Michael Jiménez.It also has another 2 recordings of the musical groups that it has integrated, such as: 
CAFE LUNA - "CLASS 70' AND 80'S FOR MY FRIENDS" and QUINTETO ---- "MIRIAN AND ITS QUINTETO Alternate with the Mexican singer YURI, 
at the Hotel San José Palacio. San José - Costa Rica As opening act of the festival in Pro de CR For the parade of the Roses.Among other activities Edwin Bonilla: He has participated in various Television Programs as a guest artist among which we can mention: 
* Agua Dulce. 
* Musical harmony. 
* Telethon 96. 
* Time for You 
* Fantastic 
* Songbook. 
* More than Applause. 
* Teleclub. 
* Wheel of fortune. 
* Cazatalentos .... 
* A moment with Lencho Salazar. 
* And diay.
He has participated in several interviews. As a Musician, Composer and Singer.Edwin Bonilla has been a guest artist in several beauty contests such as: 
* Señorita Ecológica 
* Tica Linda. 
* Miss International 
* Miss Intercontinental.
The year of 1997 Edwin Bonilla manages to be: Finalist of the Festival of the song "OTI 97" with its theme: "Let me be your lover".Arrangements of maestro Leonel Obando. Lyrics and music by Edwin Bonilla He participated in the Ranchera Music Festival "The Best Voices of Costa Rica"